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Let’s Get Started Shall We…

I realized today that there isn’t a secret formula to writing. There are opinions of talented people but no one knows for sure what makes something work. I have struggled daily with my desire to tell the stories in my head.  I want so desperately to hold a published book in my hand, with my name as the author. 

With that said, I need to keep a few things in mind. Words do not; I repeat do not sound the same when you put them on paper as they did in your head.  Read, Edit, Repeat.  Cut, change, switch, flow, and the new word I learned today filter, there are so many different ideas on how to write that an Author friend of mine hit the nail on the head.  Too many mechanics, muck up the story.  I agree with that.  Some days my focus is solely on fixing every little thing that I lose site of the story.

On the other hand, who wants to read a poorly written story?  While I made good grades in English in college, I still have a lot to learn in order to get my WIP (work in progress, in case you didn’t know) in shape enough to submit for a chance at publishing.  Right now it is a couch tater, unmoving and stationary.   Well I am putting it on a diet and I am going to WIP it into shape. 

I have tons to learn along the way but I am ready, I am ready to share what goes on in my head with everyone. 


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