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Wow, I Never Knew

The entire process of publishing is a new world to me. I have so much to learn.

What I have found is that the door opener is the query letter. Oh my, the query letter.  This is the opportunity to get in the door to have someone look at your work.  With that, no matter the amount of studying, you are not going to please everyone.  Agents all have specific requirements for the query that you send them. One thing they all want is they want it personalized.  Why did you chose them.  Really? I chose you because I want someone willing to give me a chance. I have no connections, I have no previous publishing experience. I chose you because you state in your information that you consider new writers. That isn’t really personal enough. So you add, in that you are looking for my genre.  Hmm.

Then they also would like to see a synopsis.  This is your story on a page, plus the ending. There are so many twists and turns in my story it has been horrid to pull into one page.

Then of course some ask for the first five pages, or ten pages or fifty pages. Some ask for the first three chapters.

Whew it can be overwhelming.

I have several queries still out, I have had several heart-stinging rejections.  I have taken a small break from sending them out. I still continue to search for agents to submit to but it is a frustrating world. I need that one agent willing to take a chance on me.


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