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Hello Again

Hello and Welcome!

My attempt here will be to transfer my Blog from my website, so we shall see if it works. 

If you read the one on my website, this is going to be eerily similar (Fair Warning)

Let me start by telling you a little about myself.

Okay… Okay… Loki.  Wait a danged second.

I am 29 years old (which is quite a feat considering my son is 24, lol) I will never edit this post lol.  I am happily married to my wonderful husband who believes in everything I do and who makes me laugh every day.

No, not married to him.  But a second fact, I have a huge crush on Dean Winchester.

I have in fact written a book (actually a couple of them but not sure if one will ever see the light of day)

So yes that makes me a writer! (Published or not)

What I have discovered is that the publishing world is a nightmare. There are no real clear cut answers or instructions. It is a very subjective business.

This is the reaction I generally get from agents I submit to:


I love cats!  I have 4 of them that live inside with me. (No 4 does not make me a crazy cat lady, just enough to be concerned.)


No those aren’t mine.  With all of that said and you now know a little about me. I am setting up a blogging schedule. In it I intend to share any little tidbits I pick up in my world. Whether it be writing, cooking (Oh I’m not a good cook), handsome men, kids, cats, dogs, helpful info…  You get the idea, sort of a mishmash. So if you are new Welcome to my world, if you are not new. Welcome anyway.


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