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A Bio of Me (for Pitch Wars Mentors)

Okay so many of you already know me. But I need to share a little bit of me with some new friends and Hopefully new Mentors.

First lets start with the easy part, I am ___ years old. (Nope not gonna say) I have been around a little while.  I have a wonderful hubby and a very handsome 24 year old son.


My Young’in ‘Jesse’

I also have 7 four legged kids. (In order) JJ and Lilly, Fred (our neighbors cat that hangs out here) Jack and Mollie, Clea (Cleopatra) and Lady Bell (My son’s dog), that are like kids to me


The black one is ‘JJ’ the gray Tabby is Lilly (They are siblings)

070 (5)

Mr. Fred “The neighbors cat that lives here”

003 (9)

My Jack and Mollie (Jack is the black one) They are also siblings

058 (2)

Ms Cleopatra “Clea” (Also the neighbors dog that lives here)


Sweet Lady Bell (My son’s dog that I have spoiled rotten)

They all keep me very busy and entertained.

It took me quite a while to find my passion, and that is telling stories.  (I am working on the ‘Showing’ stories.)

I grew up thinking that everyone created stories in their heads (like I did.)  I can see stories in all sorts of things.  But when my current story created itself inside my head. I only found relief from the characters constant screaming at me by putting it down on paper. I have learned a ton about writing, and am still learning. I have stories to tell.

While I am still learning how to make the stories compelling to read (That is a WHOLE other story) I feel like I have a talent for creating a worlds where reader can escape (even just for a little while.)

My day job, is that of a Realtor. Helping people find a home is very fulfilling, while frustrating at times, the end result is very satisfying.

While I’m still finding my footing in the writing/publishing world. (This is also me when I try to wear heels),)

I am not the type of person to give up on a dream. I am persistent and stubborn to a fault. One day I know. I KNOW. My dreams will come true and I will be in a position to share all of my stories with the world.

Oh I also have huge celebrity crushes which include but are not limited to the following actors

Nathan Fillion

Jensen Ackles

Matt Bomer

To name just a few.

So If you are considering me for a Mentee, Please ask me anything.

I am easy, I want to learn, and I am good with revising and following instructions. I believe you can only make me a better writer and make my story shine! (In other words I’m ready for anything!)

And I promise that I like to have fun. I work crazy hard, but sometimes you just gotta laugh!

So Pick my story, help me make it so good ALL the agents will choose us!


2 thoughts on “A Bio of Me (for Pitch Wars Mentors)

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  2. Good luck on your #PitchWars submission!! I enjoyed reading your bio! I hope a mentor snatches you up so you can be on the road to putting “published” before your title! 🙂

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