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This was me today. Most of you know that I entered a contest on Twitter called #PitchMadness. It is a contest where you present the novel by way of a 35 word pitch and a 250 word excerpt. ( Mine can be found by clicking the tab Excerpts from above.)  Then out of all the entries 60 are chosen (15 for each of the 4 teams).  They ended up with over 500 entries. (I think it was like 534 but I’m probably wrong on that number).

The process then went through ‘slush’ readers. slushThese wonderful people read through all the submissions then narrowed it down to a few then a draft was held (all in private of course) to determine the 15 spots on each team.

After these spots are filled there will be an agent round. Where the agents will play the game of CLUE.

clueThere the agents will review the pitches posted on each blog and (not entirely sure how this part works) then if they like the pitch, me the author will hopefully provide them with either my query, 50 pages or the full manuscript for them to review.

It is a truly fun and exciting way to get your story in front of agents. After all for an Author the goal is to get an agent that will hold your hand through the crazy world of publishing.

If you follow my blog you know that I entered a contest like this before and sadly wasn’t chosen. HOWEVER!!!!!


I was selected as one of the fifteen on #TeamSmartie.

See Here is the Actual Tweet :

There are no words for how excited and grateful I am for this opportunity. If my body would let me this would be me right now!


So I finish this love letter to everyone who has ever encouraged me, stuck with me through my countless episodes of self doubt (Those probably will never go away, jus’ sayin) and to everyone who supports me. A big THANK YOU. I will keep you updated.

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