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Waiting is the hardest part

There are times in everyone’s life where they are waiting for something. News of a job, news of a loved one, or even just for the water to boil. Waiting is part of life.

Sometimes the waiting makes you oblivious to things going on around you like this poor guy.

But no matter what you are waiting for, you have to remember that life goes on all around.


Sometimes there are so many things floating around unresolved that it makes me very cranky. Much like I am today. I really never realized it but I need closure on things. Too many things left opened to me is a mad, mad world.

I think I have always known this. One reason I was never really very good at watching Soap Operas. There isn’t an ending.

So right now I have manuscripts out, personal job issues, family moving to town and trying to find them a place to live. Rearranging several things in life in general and then of course waiting on issues with my day job of real estate.

I have so many things in limbo that need to come to completion before I can move forward with the next. It causes me to literally go on lock down. Leaving me unsure of the next move I need to make.

Then let’s add even more (now this isn’t a life issue but it is incomplete) I feel now I have bonded with Sheldon Cooper (So I might actually be going insane). I picked a new show on Netflix to watch called Alpha’s. Decent show. It ended without ending. A cliffhanger ending then a show cancellation. The following is the perfect example of me.

I realize the hardest part of writing is waiting for people to respond. There is no such thing in this industry as instant gratification. There is only waiting. The old saying “No news is good news.” I have learned in the publishing world that does not necessarily hold true.

So I am attempting to distract myself from the many things that are circling the tower in my life at the moment. I am ready to grab one, figure out how to fix it and then resolve it. But alas, when you are waiting on other people and praying for something good to happen then you had best learn patience.

Especially in the publishing world. 

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