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Hello World (Or at least those that live in Leslieland)

Friday Morning. 9:11 am

I sit at my computer waiting for other to assist me in the task of rearranging my office. 

I spoke about waiting in my last post 10 days ago. Now I realize that waiting is sometimes the hardest part of life. The seconds on the clock tick by and get wasted. You’re not sitting in silence, you have done all the things you can do and if you are anything like me, the OCD shuts you down till this one thing gets completed.


Sometimes this is exactly how I feel, when I get stuck and I have to wait for other’s to come to my rescue. I have learned over the last few days that it is the most helpless feeling when you have a to do list that is ten miles long and everything hinges on this one thing getting done.  Then you become obsessed. (Kinda like what is happening to me right now)


A few days later

I saved the earlier post as a draft, as my frustration wore extremely thin with my ‘helpers’. So now the task of turning what was one my office into a temporary home for a wonderful son that is moving here. (Not complaining about that ONE bit) Cant wait for the rest of his family to move down here (over here) so I get to learn how to be a grandmother to a 5 year and a 2 year old.



Let me tell you I am the happiest person on the face of the world right now!

Yep even happier than this guy!

When your life changes it can be a little scary. It can be bumpy. It is a challenge, even when it is good. So since my ‘helpers’ finally helped me, I must finish the tasks at hand. The countdown has begun and I couldn’t be happier.


So let this new chapter of my life begin. I am ready and I am exited, nervous, scared. Every emotion right now. But I know that this part of my wait is over.

(Now if I can get an agent for my book I can start yet another chapter)

That part of the waiting is still not complete but as always I never will give up!

Nope not matter what it takes!


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