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Everyday life can lead you to the revelation that you need to improve things.

Whether it be the way you do your hair.

Or what you wear

Life in general is about improving upon things.

After that first step you tend to fall down often until you improve or in my case get older and clumsy.

Whatever you are trying to improve upon in your life it isn’t easy.

I am continuing my quest for an agent representation for my story.

All the while I continue to improve my story.

Now I feel like I have hit a brick wall as my organization skills are lacking and I can’t locate my original query notebook.

I have read many different MSWL (Manuscript Wish Lists) and when I find a match I send it off.  But now I need to improve upon those skills. I tend to purposely avoid sending to agents who are looking for a synopsis, that is the hardest thing to write (at least for me.)

Here is my Dream Agent Wish List.

I want someone who can recognize that I have a good story,

Hold my hand through the entire process.

Understand and work with me.

But most of all, help me fufill my dreams!

The bottom line is I need to figure out how to start my querying over again.

 I don’t know the exact number of rejections that J.K. Rowlings received for Harry Potter (No I AM NOT COMPARING MYSELF TO HER) but If she received over a hundred (I believe) then there is hope for me yet.

I’ll Just Keep Holding On!

2 thoughts on “Improvement

  1. Leslie – Steven King wall papered his house with reject slips. He threw away Carrie – his wife got it out of the garbage. Don’t put your chances in the circular file – You are way closer to a yes than me.

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