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Wow May 22nd Really?

I’m amazed that I haven’t written in my blog since May 22nd. Really? 

So much for my at least once a month schedule. I can give you all sorts of reasons for my absence but what are reasons anyway? Nothing but dressed up excuses. So with no excuses no ‘reasons’ I’m here saying hello again.


What I do know is that when you make big plans, ultimately things will get in the way. No I haven’t given up. No I’ve not stopped writing. No I’ve not been abducted by aliens. Nothing like that.

Work, life all the usual stuff. But see we all have those things. Everyone works in one capacity or another, we have all life issues that interrupt our best layed plans. So I’m here.  You’re stuck with me!

So, it is once again time for #Pitchwars on Twitter and it comes during a time that I have those ‘life issues’ that are eating up my time like Pacman on dots.

With that said there are 70+ mentors that I must weed through to find who is best for my story. I only get to chose 4!


Which in itself is a daunting task! I narrowed the list to 20ish. Then still need to determine which mentor would like my story.

If you’re not familar with Pitchwars it is an opportunity for me to work with a published author/editor for two months to make my story shine. Then in November agents take a look at the finished product. The object overall idea is to walk away with an agent.


I have until the 18th to do the following.

  1. Chose 4 mentors from the lost list of 70
  2. Be certain of the genre for my story (so much conflicting possibilities)
  3. Polish and edit the last chapters (and the front)
  4. Dodge everything life throws my way.

I can do this 🙂




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