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Getting By

I’ve found there are times when this blog thing is more like a personal journal. Stories you write to yourself about your life. I do see stats and know that some people do read what I write. In some ways that’s intimidating, but it is, after all, what I want. Some times it is cathartic for me, like this post. All I ever hope is if you’re reading this you find some small piece of it to take away for yourself.

I don’t keep it up with it like I should and it truly should be more focused on writing than on me, me, me. But, hey it’s called LeslieLand so what did you expect?

Today in a momentarily lapse of work,while watching a link to a youtube video from a friend’s page on face book. Which led me to another and then another. (Go ahead and admit, you do it to!) I questioned myself about what I was feeling.

I found myself watching Robin Williams snippets. I have posted several things about his passing because it truly upset me. No, I didn’t know the man, other than the piece of himself that he shared with everyone.  I know that it is difficult sometimes to remember that ‘celebrities’ are people. They are human with the same lives that we lead. They fight the same battles, they have the same victories. They are in fact real.

So I questioned myself. How do I mourn for someone I didn’t ‘really’ know? My heart aches for his family because they are the ones that knew the real person as a whole. The parts he shared and the parts he didn’t.

Then I wondered how come I need to mourn? Yes, to me, his death is tragic. He made the world laugh but I think it goes much deeper than that.

I think people come into our lives in different ways, some touch us personally they are weaved in our daily lives. But then you have an actor who made you laugh, whose performances entertained you.  The sound of their voice could reach deep down and pull out something you’d forgotten. That moment when you first watched a stand up comedian on TV with a tape and laughed so hard you hurt. Or sitting on the sofa with your little one watching a blue genie or Peter Pan and laughing with them.

That is what you mourn because that person you never met reached down and left a memory to cherish.  It is true of so many people famous or not that come and go in your lives. Each one of them placed there with purpose.

I find it funny that I’m not ready to watch any of his movies, I was only able to watch a little today. Because now he can’t create more memories for me to pull from later on.  That is why we mourn.

So remember every person you meet, every life you touch means something. So make it memorable.

Thank you Robin Williams for great memories. You are missed.


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