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PitchWars Mentee Bio Part Two

It’s that time of year again. Yes a writing contest called #PitchWars.

Hopefully I pitch and they catch. 

I posted a Bio of me last year and rather than rehash the same one, I’ll just add a little to it. You can read it Here 

Did you click it? Hopefully you came back. 

Now I have added even more fun to my brood. My now 25 year old stepson and his family has moved closer to us and now I am grandma (But will never be called that to them I am Lelee) 

My lovesAren’t they adorable 

Okay… I’m back. 

Outside of writing, I am a Real Estate Agent. Which helps me understand the need for an agent in the publishing world that much clearer. 

I am an active member of the writing group Scribophile and I also assist in running a group specifically dedicated to Pitchwars hopefuls. (I say assist because they seem to run themselves). I’m also part of a group which will critique and swap entire novels for critique in two weeks time. 

What I’ve learned from that is that there are some exciting and wonderful stories out there that need to be published.

There is nothing more exciting to me that the path I’m on and continue to write the crazy ideas that pop though my head. I have lived through rejections and learned one thing. I’m not going to give up. 

So if you’re still here and reading as a mentor, the four I chose in my opinion are ROCK STARS! I’m not sure what I would do if any of them picked me for their mentee.

Yep, that would be me.

Oh and just a little secret, not sure if you could tell. I love gifs 

So for now, I am off to stalk Mentor Twitter feeds. 

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