Hello World (Or at least those that live in Leslieland)

Friday Morning. 9:11 am

I sit at my computer waiting for other to assist me in the task of rearranging my office. 

I spoke about waiting in my last post 10 days ago. Now I realize that waiting is sometimes the hardest part of life. The seconds on the clock tick by and get wasted. You’re not sitting in silence, you have done all the things you can do and if you are anything like me, the OCD shuts you down till this one thing gets completed.


Sometimes this is exactly how I feel, when I get stuck and I have to wait for other’s to come to my rescue. I have learned over the last few days that it is the most helpless feeling when you have a to do list that is ten miles long and everything hinges on this one thing getting done.  Then you become obsessed. (Kinda like what is happening to me right now)


A few days later

I saved the earlier post as a draft, as my frustration wore extremely thin with my ‘helpers’. So now the task of turning what was one my office into a temporary home for a wonderful son that is moving here. (Not complaining about that ONE bit) Cant wait for the rest of his family to move down here (over here) so I get to learn how to be a grandmother to a 5 year and a 2 year old.



Let me tell you I am the happiest person on the face of the world right now!

Yep even happier than this guy!

When your life changes it can be a little scary. It can be bumpy. It is a challenge, even when it is good. So since my ‘helpers’ finally helped me, I must finish the tasks at hand. The countdown has begun and I couldn’t be happier.


So let this new chapter of my life begin. I am ready and I am exited, nervous, scared. Every emotion right now. But I know that this part of my wait is over.

(Now if I can get an agent for my book I can start yet another chapter)

That part of the waiting is still not complete but as always I never will give up!

Nope not matter what it takes!



Waiting is the hardest part

There are times in everyone’s life where they are waiting for something. News of a job, news of a loved one, or even just for the water to boil. Waiting is part of life.

Sometimes the waiting makes you oblivious to things going on around you like this poor guy.

But no matter what you are waiting for, you have to remember that life goes on all around.


Sometimes there are so many things floating around unresolved that it makes me very cranky. Much like I am today. I really never realized it but I need closure on things. Too many things left opened to me is a mad, mad world.

I think I have always known this. One reason I was never really very good at watching Soap Operas. There isn’t an ending.

So right now I have manuscripts out, personal job issues, family moving to town and trying to find them a place to live. Rearranging several things in life in general and then of course waiting on issues with my day job of real estate.

I have so many things in limbo that need to come to completion before I can move forward with the next. It causes me to literally go on lock down. Leaving me unsure of the next move I need to make.

Then let’s add even more (now this isn’t a life issue but it is incomplete) I feel now I have bonded with Sheldon Cooper (So I might actually be going insane). I picked a new show on Netflix to watch called Alpha’s. Decent show. It ended without ending. A cliffhanger ending then a show cancellation. The following is the perfect example of me.

I realize the hardest part of writing is waiting for people to respond. There is no such thing in this industry as instant gratification. There is only waiting. The old saying “No news is good news.” I have learned in the publishing world that does not necessarily hold true.

So I am attempting to distract myself from the many things that are circling the tower in my life at the moment. I am ready to grab one, figure out how to fix it and then resolve it. But alas, when you are waiting on other people and praying for something good to happen then you had best learn patience.

Especially in the publishing world. 

Cloud Nine


This was me today. Most of you know that I entered a contest on Twitter called #PitchMadness. It is a contest where you present the novel by way of a 35 word pitch and a 250 word excerpt. ( Mine can be found by clicking the tab Excerpts from above.)  Then out of all the entries 60 are chosen (15 for each of the 4 teams).  They ended up with over 500 entries. (I think it was like 534 but I’m probably wrong on that number).

The process then went through ‘slush’ readers. slushThese wonderful people read through all the submissions then narrowed it down to a few then a draft was held (all in private of course) to determine the 15 spots on each team.

After these spots are filled there will be an agent round. Where the agents will play the game of CLUE.

clueThere the agents will review the pitches posted on each blog and (not entirely sure how this part works) then if they like the pitch, me the author will hopefully provide them with either my query, 50 pages or the full manuscript for them to review.

It is a truly fun and exciting way to get your story in front of agents. After all for an Author the goal is to get an agent that will hold your hand through the crazy world of publishing.

If you follow my blog you know that I entered a contest like this before and sadly wasn’t chosen. HOWEVER!!!!!


I was selected as one of the fifteen on #TeamSmartie.

See Here is the Actual Tweet :

There are no words for how excited and grateful I am for this opportunity. If my body would let me this would be me right now!


So I finish this love letter to everyone who has ever encouraged me, stuck with me through my countless episodes of self doubt (Those probably will never go away, jus’ sayin) and to everyone who supports me. A big THANK YOU. I will keep you updated.

Times flies when you in a ‘funk’!

First let me say that I apologize for the bottom of my heart for abandoning you guys.

 (Isn’t that the creepiest thing, a Ferris wheel long abandoned still moves with the wind)

I am truly sorry. I am not sure what happened to me, I have been assured it is just something that writers go through whether it be a ‘funk’, ‘withdrawal’, ‘burnout’? I just know that for me over the last few months the thought of writing would not bring me joy, but panic attacks.

My heart said, write, my mind said don’t you dare! I was truly in a place I never want to be again.

I have actually never experienced anything like this. I am the one who would tell everyone, do not let it bother you if you don’t get picked or even win a writing contest, it was okay and not a personal reflection of your writing. I even received several very positive comments back saying that it was good but others were just better. I told everyone it’s okay, it is not a personal judgement. Rejection is a HUGE part of this business and you have to bet tough.

(Okay Nobody’s tougher than Daryl, but you know what I mean)

I was in a very bad place, and I’m not saying that I won’t go there again. (I hope not) But something amazing happened during my time away.

I wanted to just stop writing. Give up completely, thinking I will never get this. I will never be good enough. (I’m telling ya, I was in a really bad place writing wise). Little by little though, that part of my soul that I was trying to kill continued to crawl its way out. (My own little Daryl Dixon.) Never give up, Never Surrender kind of things.

My Characters screamed in my head to be heard. 

So while I typically would give up on something after so long, my self doubt taking control and wearing me down, this time it’s different. I am excited again about writing for the first time in a while.

So thank you for staying with me. I am working on several things on my blog including excerpts from what I am PLANNING on being a published book (Cause I have a great story you know.)

I am changing my life, one way or another but always for the good. So let me just say I love you all and I am excited to be back to writing once again. (And yes I am entered into yet another writing contest but this time, If I fail to make it through, I simply will learn to make things better and stop feeling sorry for myself)

So this is for all of you who stuck with me. 

What I’ve learned.

As sad as I am to make this announcement, I must.

Many of you are aware that I entered a contest to have my book reviewed by a published author and then presented to agents.

Unfortunately my story was not chosen. What does that mean?

First of all, there were over 2000 entries so the odds were not in my favor.

Second, there are some extremely talented writers and stories that will be coming your way very very soon.

Some may think that not being chosen would make me sad, frustrated and defeated. But it actually did quite the opposite.

I received a note from one of the published authors about my story. It was the most encouraging thing I have ever received about my writing.

She said, that she could not pinpoint the reason that she didn’t chose me. The writing was polished, the story and characters compelling and the premise intriguing. She also went on to say that if she saw this story in a bookstore it would be one that she would buy.


I learned from this experience, that I still have a lot to learn.

I also had to remind myself that NO is not a negative thing. NO is a positive thing.

Yes you heard me right. NO is POSITIVE.  Why? Because what if I never sent my story in? What if I never put myself out there for others to see. Because I did send a submission, because I took the chance. It is positive.

Even though the answer was no, it would have most certainly been a no had I not tried. So the effort of trying is a positive thing.

Think about the times in your life when you didn’t take that chance, you were too afraid to put yourself out there. When you stood in the corner and waited for something to happen, without taking the steps to make it happen.

Besides the new friends I have made through this experience the one thing I learned from this is that if I want something to happen, it is up to me. Sitting around waiting for it, doesn’t bring you that thing you want. You have to at least try to get it, no matter the answer.

So hater’s gonna hate, but you know what. I will not give up. I will not give in. I will make my dreams come true no matter what!


So, what brave thing will you do today?


A Whole New World

Good Morning

It is a cold wet Monday morning here in Georgia. But I have to say that I have always loved the rain. (As long as I’m inside)

I wanted to share a few things I have learned over the past few weeks as I venture into this contest called #PitchWars. 

1) Writers are truly amazing, kind, and giving people. (I have met some amazing new friends during this entire process that I wouldn’t trade  for the world) 

2) I still have so many things to learn about the craft of writing. I am loving the helpful blogs that my new friends post. I hope soon that I can share some wonderful, insightful and inspiring words as well. 

3) There are so many stories to be told. Some that I have read and helped other polish (Although I’m not great at that, I do my best) My brain is in overdrive. I have added more things to my idea book in the last several weeks than I have in a long time. (Not stealing anyone’s idea’s but when you open yourself up to a creative world, those juices start to flow, I have ideas that were once just fleeting thoughts now re-emerging as actual coherent plots.  I am a little excited) 

4) I need to pump up my vocabulary and grammar skills. (I have learned new words that I never took the time to learn before, and I almost wish I was young and in high school again so I could go back and start my English classes over again.)

Yes, I still have a ton to learn but I am going to do it. There is nothing in this world that I want more than to be able to give these stories that float in my head a home, either on a bookshelf in a store, on a kindle or nook. 

One day I will be able to write freely without the constraints of stress (other than hopefully deadlines or writer’s block) 

Most of you that know me, know how rough of a year 2013 has been.(Loss of family members and friends)  This is the first time in my life I have ever looked forward to starting a new year with new thoughts, new goals and a new outlook on life. 

A Bio of Me (for Pitch Wars Mentors)

Okay so many of you already know me. But I need to share a little bit of me with some new friends and Hopefully new Mentors.

First lets start with the easy part, I am ___ years old. (Nope not gonna say) I have been around a little while.  I have a wonderful hubby and a very handsome 24 year old son.


My Young’in ‘Jesse’

I also have 7 four legged kids. (In order) JJ and Lilly, Fred (our neighbors cat that hangs out here) Jack and Mollie, Clea (Cleopatra) and Lady Bell (My son’s dog), that are like kids to me


The black one is ‘JJ’ the gray Tabby is Lilly (They are siblings)

070 (5)

Mr. Fred “The neighbors cat that lives here”

003 (9)

My Jack and Mollie (Jack is the black one) They are also siblings

058 (2)

Ms Cleopatra “Clea” (Also the neighbors dog that lives here)


Sweet Lady Bell (My son’s dog that I have spoiled rotten)

They all keep me very busy and entertained.

It took me quite a while to find my passion, and that is telling stories.  (I am working on the ‘Showing’ stories.)

I grew up thinking that everyone created stories in their heads (like I did.)  I can see stories in all sorts of things.  But when my current story created itself inside my head. I only found relief from the characters constant screaming at me by putting it down on paper. I have learned a ton about writing, and am still learning. I have stories to tell.

While I am still learning how to make the stories compelling to read (That is a WHOLE other story) I feel like I have a talent for creating a worlds where reader can escape (even just for a little while.)

My day job, is that of a Realtor. Helping people find a home is very fulfilling, while frustrating at times, the end result is very satisfying.

While I’m still finding my footing in the writing/publishing world. (This is also me when I try to wear heels),)

I am not the type of person to give up on a dream. I am persistent and stubborn to a fault. One day I know. I KNOW. My dreams will come true and I will be in a position to share all of my stories with the world.

Oh I also have huge celebrity crushes which include but are not limited to the following actors

Nathan Fillion

Jensen Ackles

Matt Bomer

To name just a few.

So If you are considering me for a Mentee, Please ask me anything.

I am easy, I want to learn, and I am good with revising and following instructions. I believe you can only make me a better writer and make my story shine! (In other words I’m ready for anything!)

And I promise that I like to have fun. I work crazy hard, but sometimes you just gotta laugh!

So Pick my story, help me make it so good ALL the agents will choose us!